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Bass 3D 4 String Gold bro
Bass 3D 4 String Gold bro

Bass 3D 4 String Gold bro

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Patented 4-string bass bridge, analog to 3D-6

The roller bridge saddles reliably minimize string breakage while maintaining intonation and tuning stability.

3-dimensional adjustment of string height, intonation and string spacing (with roller bridge saddles).

The individual string intonation is set by adjusting the string saddles.

Heavy and precise construction for extra long sustain.

Complete with 3mm spacer.

The guitar or bass strings lie on low-friction roller saddles which prevent the strings from breaking.

This means the string spacing can be adjusted flexibly.

 Optionally, two rollers can be mounted per string ferrule for double string guiding.

technical specification

string spacing E-A 53,4 - 62,8mm, string spacing individual 17,8 - 20,9mm, string radius 7 - 20“, minimal G/d string height above body 11,3mm, maximum string gauge 118, weight 194g (252g with accessories), for lefty: yes

scope of supply

3 mounting screws, 1 Allen key 1.5 mm, 3mm baseplate and screws