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Les Paul Tremolo Gold
Les Paul Tremolo Gold

Les Paul Tremolo Gold

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 Les Paul Tremolo

Special design tremolo for Les Paul™* type guitars featuring Tune-o-matic or wraparound bridges.

Compatible with post spacings from 74.0 - 74.5 mm and beyond – see adapter  sleeves supplied.

Plug & play, fits Tune-o-matic / stop-tailpiece combinations.

No extra routing or body work required.

Comes complete with mounting accessories, springs and metal sheet for grounding. Best suited for light tremolo action and string gauges 9 - 42 or 10 - 46.

All specs and bushings match our string retainers and bridges and are true to their respective historic standards. Therefor switching back and forth between the LP tremolo and a Tune-o-matic combination presents no problem.

(*Les Paul is a protected trademark owned by Gibson Musical Instruments Corporation).

technical specification

distance height adjustment screws 74,3mm, size press-in bushing 10mm, string spacing E-e 52,5mm, slideway intonation 5,5mm, weight 205g

scope of supply

2 press-in bushings, 2 height-adjustment screws M8 and 2 adapter sleeves