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Guitar 3D 6 Piezo Gold bro
Guitar 3D 6 Piezo Gold bro

Guitar 3D 6 Piezo Gold bro

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3D-6 bridge with 6 single piezo elements

Each string is picked up separately by individual piezo transducers and can be mixed with the regular pickups.

This version has no roller bridge saddles.

Piezo signals can be fed individually or summed up to a preamp via a separate cable.

Also suitable for MIDI systems.

With a cable length of 200mm.

technical specification

string spacing E-e 50 - 56,5mm, string spacing individual 10 - 11,3mm, string radius 7 - 20“, minimal G/d string height above body 11,1mm, maximum string gauge 52, weight 150g (158g with accessories), for lefty: yes

scope of supply

3 mounting screws, 1 Allen key 1.27 mm, 3mm baseplate and screws

NOTE: See also Schaller Flagship Preamp for even better sound